Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday 15th December

A visit today between 9am and 11am. It was a very very dank day with poor light so apologies for the picture quality.

I parked by the water works entrance and walked towards the divers car park. I was hoping to get close to a water Vole again but as i got to the bridge a loud plop and it was gone. I wandered through the west scrub area which held numerous Redwing, a Green Woodpecker and a Jay as well as a few Greenfinch and Chaffinch.

Over towards the east scrub I decided to check under the plastic sheets that I've laid down for reptiles in case there were any small mammals sheltering - sure enough a Shrew shot out - it was black and I am pretty sure it was a Water Shrew. I have only ever seen a dead one here before so really pleased with that.
Over towards Abbey Mead - lots of Redwing again and a small flock of Long Tailed Tit were seen. On the river there were lots of noisy Teal (I could see around 25 but i am sure there were lots more) Also a Redshank called loudly and shot past me.

Long Tailed Tit


Back along the Millstream there were a few Goldfinch in the Alders.

Back home I checked the Ash tree near my house for Little Owl (I heard one calling last night and they often use the tree during the day) No sign, but I did see a Redpoll which is my first for Birling.


At 4:01 pm, Blogger Warren Baker said...

well done on the Redpoll steve. Am I jelous? well - just a bit!!

At 10:18 pm, Blogger Simon said...

Thats great news about the Redpoll, and the Water Shrew.

At 3:44 pm, Blogger Simon said...

Popped to New Hythe/Leybourne Lakes this morning with the Maidstone RSPB group, bird sightings included a Kingfisher on Abbeymead, a Chiff Chaff in a Willow along the Mill Stream, and a juvenile Siskin in an Alder along Mill Stream.


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