Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday 4th November

A lovely bright sunny morning for my visit between 8 and 10am. I was trying out my new camera. Still getting to grips with it so not the best images.


I checked the end of the Millstream for any sign of the Bittern, no sign (apart from trampled reeds) A Cettis called here and Shoveler and Gadwall were feeding close by. A large flock of Long Tailed Tit were calling around the West Scrub and a few Redwing went over as well as the first of 3 flyover Skylark. A few Goldfinch were feeding on teasel heads. GOLDFINCH


I crossed the river and scanned the numerous Tufted Duck for anything more interesting and wandered up towards the sunken marsh. The tide on the Medway was high so I didn't check the river. A few Cormorant over and a Grey Wagtail called as it flew over. 3 more Cettis called in this area.



At 9:35 am, Blogger Steve of Kingsdown said...

Don't be modest about your photos - they're good! Especially like the goldfinches.

At 10:46 pm, Blogger Simon said...

Your photos are fantastic, you must be really pleased with them. What camera have you bought?

At 11:00 pm, Blogger Steve said...

I got a 40D for my 40th! As part of the celebrations we went out to New York and I treated myself to a 70-200mm f2.8 lens. It is a cracker - can't wait to try it out. Lacks the reach for bird pics but will be good for everything else!

At 3:21 pm, Blogger shirl said...

Hi there, Steve

Although I love to see the goldfinches at the feeders in my garden I have never seen them anywhere else. How fantastic to see goldifinches in the wild feeding on teasel!

I planted teasel in my garden but it is still only a few leaves on the ground - perhaps it needs more sun!

Fantastic photos I will visit again to see more :-D


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