Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday 18th April

A visit this morning between 9.00 and 11.45. a fairly cool breeze but bright and sunny.

On my way to New Hythe this morning I saw a Swallow in Ryarsh. I parked at the water works entrance again this morning. The scrape was quiet as usual so I headed through the East Scrub. Here 3 Willow Warbler and the first of only 3 Nightingale were in song, also the first of 5 Lesser Whitethroat. I walked down towards Brook House and back to the west scrub - addding the first of 7 Whitethroat and a Nightingale.
The West Scrub held a Willow Warbler, 2 Whitethroat, and a Lesser Whitethroat. A Mistle Thrush was also here. 2 Sand Martin flew over before I crossed the railway. Here I managed (at last) to photograph an Orange Tip.


A Sparrowhawk was soaring over Abbey Mead and 2 Jackdaw went over. My second Nightingale was in song at the south east corner of Abbey Mead. Up towards the sunken marsh my second Lesser Whitethroat, a Speckled Wood and a Cuckoo calling over towards the river. In total 3 Lesser Whitethroat at the North End of Abbey Mead.

A few House Sparrow near the paper mill and a Small White. Along the Millstream and back to the East and west scrub. 3 Slow Worm, 1 Lizard and a Grass Snake were found here.


In this area I also added 2 more Orange Tip, a Peacock and 2 Holly Blue - my first here for the year. A Pheasant also called from the East scrub. A Bee Fly also showed well.


On the way back a Reed Warbler was in full song at the end of the Millstream and I photographed Jack-by-the-hedge near the Water Works.



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