Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday 14th April

A visit between 6.15 and 8.45 today.

Parked at Brook House and walked through the gate and turned immediately left. A bird shot across me an made some croaking noises - the typical sound an early Nightingale makes, I whistled a few times to get it going and it burst into song. Fantastic!

walking up towards the open area/east scrub 2 Willow warbler were in song. walking around that area a Whitethroat shot out and then showed well in song at the top of the Brook House path. The first of 4 Swallow shot through whilst walking towards the scrape.

Over towards Abbey Mead 2 Teal on the river along with a shelduck and wall to wall Blackcap song. The sunken marsh held several Cettis and I had a snatch of Sedge Warbler song here - but it wasn't going at full pelt.

Back around the railway side of Abbey Mead hoping for a Lesser Whitethroat - no sign, although other birders that morning had heard one.

Back through the east scrub where there were 3 Slow Worm.

A brief jaunt up to Holly Hill for Adder only produced 4 Slow Worm and a Peacock.


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