Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday 17th June

A visit between 11.15 and 12.45 today. Weather very warm and sunny.

Surprisngly 2 Nightingale in full song by the Water Works entrance as I arrived along with family parties of Whitethraot diving for cover everywhere I looked.

The scrape held 20+ BH Gulls and a single LRP.

Walking through the East scrub area near the divers car park there are hundreds of Pyrammidal and Common Spotted Orchid including a few pale forms. Also a few spikes of Bee Orchid (20 -30) A Lesser Whitethroat rattled here and Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff were singing.

I found this Common Darter which posed well for a picture. A few Red Eyed Damsels were in the ditches and I saw the first of two Emperor patrolling up and down.

The only butterfies of note were two Painted Lady on the West Scrub (Open Area) and a sngle Red Admiral. I crossed the railway and there were more Red Eyed Damsels on Abbey Mead and a Cuckoo singing from over near the Medway.

As time was short I headed back to the car and snapped one of many Black Tailed Skimmers that were basking on the path (female BTS below).

Also a family party of Reed Bunting along the path here.

A nice hour or so out - quiet bird wise but Dragons and Damsels really building up.


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