Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday 20th January

I managed a visit today between 3pm and 5.30. It was incredibly mild but fairly breezy.

I checked the Motorway pit off of Lunsford Lane for the Smew that I saw yesterday. It had been seen earlier in the day put i couldn't locate it despite an extensive search. I did have good views of Goldcrest again that was associating with a LT Tit flock. I then tried Alders Pit further down Lunsford Lane. At least 150 Coots here but no sign of the Smew or last weeks pair of Goldeneye.

The country park was busy as I walked through. I scanned the Gulls on Tesco Lake, c200 BH Gulls, a few Common and Lesser Black Backed. Over towards Abbey Mead to get away from the crowds. A Kingfisher called and shot across in front of me and a Chiffchaff called in the bushes as did a Fieldfare.

I retraced my steps and decided to stake out the 'Bittern spot' at the end of the Millstream until dark. I sat at a base of a tree for 40 Bittern appeared but I did see a Water Rail, a second Chiffchaff, another Kingfisher, a Sparrowhawk and a Cettis Warbler. Interesting what you see when you just sit.........


At 2:32 pm, Blogger Warren Baker said...

''Interesting what you see when you just sit'' Too right steve! I do alot of that, watching the sky mostly.


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