Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday 26th May

Pouring with rain this morning so my planned hour pre-work turned into a couple of quick park and dashes. Visits between 06.10 and 06.35.

First I thought I would scan over Brooklands Lake. About 50 Swifts were wheeling over the paper mill and a Turtle Dove was on wires on the far side of the lake. The usual Cettis by the bridge was calling - apart from that very quiet. I moved on to the Water Works entrance to scan the scrape. A pair of LRP were running about with one LBB Gull, one Herring Gull and eight BH Gulls for company.

On up to Alders Lake on Lunsford Lane which was unusually completely devoid of birds. Some nice Yellow Flag though in flower along the ditch and lots of clumps of (Field?) Forget-Me-Not.


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