Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday May 19th

Woke up to heavy rain and gusty conditions this morning. I thought I would drive to Brooklands Lake and have a scan there and then drive round to the Water Works and onto Alders Lake. This way I wouldn't get soaked and arrive at work like a drowned rat.

Cettis, Nightingale and Whitethroat singing in Brooklands car park was a nice start. Brooklands itself was devoid of birds though. c20 Swifts wizzed around above my head and a Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler and probably a second Cettis were singing. As I scanned over the lake 2 Turtle Doves flew over. I took a picture of this dandelion only because it seemed to be the only one still intact in the strong winds.

Round to the scrape which again was quiet with just a few gulls on it. Alders/Cormorant Lake on Lunsford Lane was also quiet with a few Swifts over again and another Nightingale singing from the bushes.

Only a quick visit today due to the conditions. This meant I was in work by 06.40 so I may be able to sneak off slightly early (especially if the weather picks up!)


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