Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday 21st December

This afternoon I joined fellow blogger Fred at Warren's patch a few miles away in Hadlow. The aim was to put up Warren's superb Barn Owl box. Armed with ladder, ropes and power tools we arrived at the tree. Whilst Warren, his friend Dave and myself surveyed the scene Fred took off like a Mountain Goat, up the tree and bish bash bosh all sorted. Fingers crossed this box attracts Warren's local Barn Owls.

Putting up the Barn Owl box in Hadlow.


At 10:18 pm, Blogger Ken said...

Hi Steve
Nice that you joined the others to help with this huge erection that Warren had planned.
It doesn't seem as if you had any trouble getting it up.I think you all handled it very well. It was a dirty job but someone had to do it, still it is something to admire. I am talking about the Owl box....of course.
Well done mate.

At 7:43 am, Blogger Cheryl said...

Projects like this lift my spirits Steve......wildlife is often neglected.......I love your blog for its consistency....and the record of the birds and wildlife you see on your walks.......

May your Christmas with your little ones be full and fun and laughter.....I hope you manage to get some

Best wishes for 2009

You may like to know I have a kestral hunting in my

At 12:59 pm, Blogger JohnR said...

Wow - it looks like a highly desirable detached residence in an attractive part of the tree, close to the vole market and plenty of off road perching. Let us know if anything moves in.
Happy Xmas and best wishes for the New Year.


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