Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday 12th October

Good to get back to my patch today with a visit between 1pm and 2.30pm. Bright sunshine and a warm Autumn day.

Despite large numbers of people/dogs enjoying the day I managed a few half decent sightings. Butterflies included 1 Red Admiral, 1 Speckled Wood, 2 Comma, 2 Large White and 1 unidentified White. Lots of Dragonflies still around, Ruddy and Common Darter were the most obvious, many still flying in tandem and egg laying. Also 3/4 Migrant Hawker. In the East Scrub I found 12 Newt Efts under an old wooden board but no other reptiles/amphibs. A Water Vole showing well in the usual spot.
Bird-wise it was pretty quiet - 2 Kingfisher along the Millstream, a few Goldcrest, 2 Cettis, 2 Chiffchaff (including one singing) and a Green Woodpecker.

Speckled Wood


At 7:49 am, Blogger Greenie said...

Steve ,
I bet your patch was heaving at that time yesterday .
Glad you managed to get some sun on your back before things change .

At 11:19 pm, Blogger Ken said...

Hi Steve. It was just a busy at Oare. Same thing lots of dog walkers, families etc. The birds on my garden feeders are increasing now. Do you feed the birds? and if you do what's your life total so far, if you keep a list, and what's the best bird you have had in your garden?
Also you have seen quite a variety of wildlife down the lakes. What is your favoute?

At 7:44 pm, Blogger Steve said...

Hi Ken....interesting questions...I don't count the birds I see in the garden but have seen some good ones - best garden bird I think is Little Owl which I see and hear regularly. I have also had Buzzard, Hobby, Tawny Owl, Grey Wagtail, Spot Fly. My best bird at New Hythe was this years 3 circling Cranes in May, also 5 Honey Buzzard, Marsh Warbler, Great Northern Diver, 8 Male Smew, Long-tailed Duck. My best wildlife sighting was this years Green Hairstreak...I waited years to find one and then managed to photograph it down to 4 feet!

At 11:40 pm, Blogger Ken said...

Thanks for being the 1st follower of my Blog. It's not very interesting yet.
That's a great variety of birds Steve.Terrific ones at that. We get some great birds down the lakes. I too have seen Smew, Osprey, Buzzard Golden Eye,and many more,not forgetting the Ferruginous Duck.It is also the best place I know to see my fav insects,Banded Demoselle.
Most years between November and April I get 1 or 2 Reed Buntings in the garden feeding, also Grey Wagtail are a regular winter visit. Probably living near the river helps. My wife says our garden must be one of the best restaurants around, LOL. I am off to Harty Ferry Rd and Elmley tommorrow(Weds)Later Steve.

At 5:56 pm, Blogger Ken said...

Hi Steve. I notice you haven't been out and about much lately.I am assuming that your busy at the moment.Thanks for writing to me about the Shrike. I have replied to it. I to haven't been out and about since my last trip to The island due to my wife being ill.


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