Sunday, November 26, 2006

26th November 2006

A visit today between 08.45 and 10.15.

Quite windy this morning as I arrived. Again I checked one of the usual Bittern spots but no luck. But I found a male Goosander on the Millstream lake. Also 2 Little Grebes here, several Gadwall and Pochard and 20+ Black Headed Gulls.


As I walked down the Millstream two Great Spotted Woodpeckers called and I heard a Grey Wagtail call from the Water works. It then bounded across me and i heard what was possibly a second bird. Also a Common Gull and Herring Gull over. 2 Mistle Thrush were also calling.

I scanned Brooklands but again no sign of the Fudge Duck. A Cettis called as I walked around to the North end of Abbey Mead and the Medway. 22 Teal flew up from the Medway as I passed and a Sparrowhawk flew through the bushes. Several Reed Bunting were calling from the Sunken Marsh when I heard and then saw a real New Hythe rarity - a Rook! Worth noting although it is probably my ears I thought I heard a Bearded Tit again this morning in the Sunken Marsh. Probably wishful thinking.

I walked down to the Medway and followed the Medway path. A Redshank was on the opposite bank and 1+ Bullfinch were calling in the bushes. As I got to the end of the path and walked around the end of Abbey Mead I scanned the pit again. A male Goldeneye was showing well.

Over the railway and across the open area 2 Jay went across as did a second Sparrowhawk and a Green Woodpecker. Over to the East scrub where there were 5+ Redwing and several Fieldlfare as well as a LT Tit flock.

A drive around to Alders/Cormorant Lake didn't add anything else - a few LBB Gulls on Tescos Lake as I drove past and 15 Gadwall on Brook House Lake.


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